Ka-pow! Ker-ching! Meet the world’s top 5 richest superheroes

Superheroes may have incredible superpowers, but some also have extraordinary wealth

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Superheroes may have incredible strength and the ability to leap buildings in a single bound, but some favorite comic book characters also have extraordinary wealth.

Here are the top five richest superheroes found within graphic novels, according to Time.com:

5. Emma Frost

The villain-turned-hero Emma Frost is the CEO of her multi-billion dollar electronics conglomerate “Frost International”. As well as having the ability to read minds, her financial status holds her well above others in the superhero universe.

Net Worth: $1-3 billion

4. Professor Charles Xavier

The paraplegic leader of the well-known, well-liked X-Men must have the wealth to be able to run his famed Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. Another mind reader, Professor X has all the abilities to lead the X-Men in their expedition to save mutants as well as mankind around the world.

Net Worth: $3.5 billion

3. Bruce Wayne

If someone’s unlucky enough to be born with super-human powers, but is the heir to one of the largest companies in the world, then what should he do? Be Batman, of course. Bruce Wayne, the head of Wayne Enterprises, has got a lot of cash flowing in from investments his company makes, so he shouldn’t be that worried when he’s out on Gotham’s mean streets putting Joker and his thugs in jail.

Net Worth: $9.2 billion

2. Tony Stark

Another “regular” person to be a billionaire, Tony Stark built his Iron Man suit using the gadgets and money he gets from running his company, Stark Industry. Stark’s charisma and charm matches that of Wayne’s in the showdown of billionaire playboys, but he edges him out in net worth. No wonder why each is featured in different superhero universes (Marvel and DC, respectively).

Net Worth: $12.4 billion

1. T’Challa

T’Challa, also known to be the Black Panther, is the King of Wakanda, a fictional African country. Wakanda is known to be rich in Vibranium, a super strong metal (Captain America’s shield is made of Vibranium) that is found nowhere else. So strong is this alloy that it costs $10,000 per gram! No wonder the King of Wakanda also happens to be the King of this list.

Net Worth: $90.7 trillion