Gigi Hadid talks nudity and social media as she stars on cover of ‘W’

20-year-old supersupermodel talks about nudity and the catwalk

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Fashion’s it girl, Palestinian-American model Gigi Hadid, has been chosen to be the cover girl for the September issue of W magazine.

Having previously covered Teen Vogue, this is regarded as the 20-year-old model’s most monumental magazine cover to date.

Looking ultra-glamorous in the black and white cover image, Hadid is cited by the magazine as a “model of the digital age”.

In the interview, Hadid touches on subjects of nudity, social media and the success of her career.

She spoke about the importance of feeling comfortable posing nude. She said the decision to strip down for Tom Ford is what helped other high-fashion brands take her seriously.

"I’ve never been scared of being naked in pictures, but I wouldn’t do naked for naked’s sake. With Tom, it was an easy decision. When you think of scent, you don’t think of clothes. When Tom liked me, other jobs followed," she said.

However the young model is also famed for her ability to play to both the serious and goofy parts of the fashion industry, as demonstrated by the video accompanying the shoot, showing her poking fun at herself and talking about the intense "runway training" she has had.