VIDEO: Saudi King prays for recovery of Iranian woman hurt in Makkah

The elderly woman arrived in Saudi Arabia 10 days ago from abroad to perform Hajj

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An Iranian woman injured by the tragic Grand Mosque crane collapse in Makkah has spoken of the moment she met Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz when he visited her at hospital.

The elderly woman arrived in Saudi Arabia 10 days ago from abroad to perform Hajj. She was admitted to a Makkah hospital after suffering a hip fracture she suffered when the crane collapsed on the Grand Mosque.

The woman was among many victims visited by King Salman earlier this week following the deadly crane collapse that claimed at least 107 lives and left more than 200 wounded.

During her interview with Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper, Muhiki Bayouk said the idea of being visited by a king had never occurred to her.

Bayouk reportedly said the king prayed for her fast recovery and continuous health. She also commended the health care levels at the hospital, the newspaper said.

Meanwhile, Iranian online users have taken to social media to express their gratitude toward the Saudi Monarch.

On Al Arabiya News’ Farsi Facebook page, Farshad Bur-Aryan said: “King Salman decision and steps are commendable. I am an Iranian citizen and happy with what the Saudi King has done.”

Another Iranian citizen, Samar Shehabi, wrote online that the Saudi leadership’s efforts to take care of injured Iranian citizens were different from how Iran treated Saudis only a few months earlier.

“Several months ago, some Saudi citizens had died from poisoning at a hotel in Mashhad and Iranian officials didn’t even take notice. King Salman’s steps to take care of Iran’s people in Makkah is of great deed,” Shehabi wrote.