‘Hijab reduces hearing by 30 percent' Tunisian minister sparks backlash

Minister of Transport Mohamed Bin Ramadan justified firing of flight attendant over her wearing a head scarf

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Tunisian Minister of Transport Mohamed Bin Ramadan has sparked backlash after saying the hijab reduces hearing by 30 percent.

His statements, which sparked controversy on social media networks, were referring to the case of flight attendant Nabiha al-Jalouli, who was suspended from work because she wears hijab.

Ramadan justified suspending Jalouli from TunisAir airlines saying “hijab reduces hearing by 30 percent which jeopardizes passengers’ lives,” adding that “the flight attendant’s role is to protect passengers.”

Ramadan also called on the airline staff to abide by the company’s official uniform.

The administrative judiciary has issued a decision allowing Jalouli to resume her job. However the airline has not implemented it under the excuse that Jalouli violated the company’s rules of procedure.

Commenting on the minister’s strange remarks, public health doctor Mohammad Najib Mayna told Al Arabiya that Ramadan’s statements are ridiculous, adding that wearing hijab or putting any cover on the head and ears does not at all affect hearing.

“Ramadan deserves the Nobel Prize in Medicine for this spectacular medical and scientific discovery,” Mayna sarcastically said.

This article is also available in Arabic.

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