Seven hassle-free ways to improve your health in less than 5 minutes

If your time is limited, or you don’t have the energy to invest in your health, then these 7 life hacks to improve your health are for you

Racha Adib
Racha Adib - Special to Al Arabiya News
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“Time and health are two precious assets that we don’t recognize and appreciate until they have been depleted” - Denis Waitely.

Because time is limited, every day people passively make choices to do one activity over another. You may prioritize getting work done, going out with friends, or taking care of the kids and as a result put your health on the back burner. Why should wait until a bad medical report to take charge of your health? What if it’s too late then?

Begin investing in your health today. If your time is limited, or you don’t have the energy to invest in your health, then these 7 life hacks to improve your health are for you.

Hydrate first thing in the morning

You may want to reconsider using coffee as your morning pick-me-up if it leaves you feeling tired and dehydrated. Instead start your day with a large glass of water. It will enhance digestion, keep your skin glowing and relieve constipation. When you do reach out to coffee, always couple it with a glass of water to maintain your hydration levels. Remember to guzzle water throughout the day, and notice how refreshed and energized you’ll feel.

Eat a nutritious breakfast

Our body needs good quality fuel after a long night’s fast. The next time you rush out the door without something to eat, consider this: skipping breakfast can increase your chances of overeating later on the day and can make you gain weight as a result.

Breakfast is also a great opportunity to fill up on hearty nutrients and forgoing it can set you up for poorer health. Fiber in bran cereal, wholegrain bread, fruits and veggies may reduce your cholesterol levels and help you maintain a healthy digestion. Calcium in dairy and milk may help keep your bones strong. Healthy fats in olive oil and raw nuts may protect your heart. Why would anyone want to miss out on that?

Prepare a grocery list of healthy breakfast items to buy over the weekend. Include hearty items such as steel cut oats, raisins, wholegrain bread, low fat cheese and yogurt, bananas, raw almonds, and olive oil.

Drink tea

Tea, whether black or green, may contribute positively to your health. Because it is rich in the antioxidant polyphenol, it may inhibit the growth of cancer cells, may reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke, and may protect your bones. It also takes close to no time to prepare. Get in the habit of brewing tea every day and set a time for it. You may consider having it in the afternoon instead of your second cup of coffee or right after breakfast.

Improve your sleep

Establishing a healthy sleep schedule and sticking to it may affect your health, your mood, and even your sex life. If you’re having trouble sleeping, try cutting out coffee in the afternoon and drink more soothing drinks such as chamomile. Set sleep and wake up times and be consistent. Get into bed 30 minutes before your intend to sleep, play soft music or read a book, but stay away from electronics. Not only will you feel your health improve, but you’ll find yourself having a sharper mind in the morning.

Pack a feel good snack

Before you head out the door in the morning, prepare a healthy snack to take with you. When the afternoon slump hits, you’ll be ready and proud you have a feel good snack around instead of easy to reach sweets and junk. Great afternoon snack options are trail mixes. Mix dried fruits, raw nuts, cereal, and dark chocolate pieces and snack on.

Express gratitude

Every morning give yourself a power surge by thinking of 5 things you’re thankful for. You’ll notice it takes more effort to think of good things about your life while complaining about the negatives comes along very easily.

Gratitude helps to build better health and happiness. You’ll be surprised how changing your mindset and being a more positive person can affect your overall health. Researchers have found that having an optimistic outlook may make you live longer. Because it reduces your chances of worrying, ultimately it will reduce stress and the resulting psychosomatic disorders – physical diseases made worse by stress.

You may be thankful for having a loving family, a secure job, or something as simple as that fun TV series you’re hooked on. Get creative with your daily thanks and watch how your life will transform.

Take a walk

The lunch break is finally here. Instead of lurking around your desk, get up and get moving because walking adds up. Even a 15 minute walk can go a long way. People who walk tend to be more calm, alert, and happy. Physical activity may also strengthen your heart, lower disease risk, keep your weight in check and combat osteoporosis. Of course those 15 minutes alone may not suffice but they’re better than being sedentary. Couple it with another 2 hours of exercise a week and reap the full benefits of exercise.

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