Cabin crew to be deported from UAE over pornographic material

Dubai Police cybercrime has issued a male cabin crew to six months in prison with a fine of DH150,000 for illegally accessing pornographic material.

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Dubai Police's cybercrime unit has sentenced a male cabin crew to six months in prison with a fine of 150,000 dirhams ($40,845) for illegally accessing pornographic material, Gulf News reported on Sunday.

The 30-year-old Polish national was caught by officers during a sporadic surveillance exercise, according to records from the court case, which commenced between May 28 and June 1. The defendant had circulated a number of files [of child pornographic content] , according to records.

Dubai Misdemeanours Court convicted the defendant of accessing and circulating child pornography and was identified through his IP address by a local internet provider. He was found to have circulated the files "on a special program that enables its users to share files online," the newspaper reported.

He was reportedly detained at Dubai International Airport before he traveled to Thailand.

The defendant’s lawyer argued that the privacy of his client was unlawfully breached by the cybercrime police.

“Law enforcement officers did not obtain a proper search and arrest warrant from prosecutors to detain my client. His confession before police and prosecutors was obtained under coercion. The suspect did not have any criminal intention,” his lawyer said, according to Gulf News.

When asked, the defendant admitted using keywords [13 years, teen sex and porn] while surfing the internet and resorted to saving files, but said he did not share them with anyone.

Even with a ‘not guilty’ plea, the defendant will be deported from the UAE after completing his sentence, according to the primary ruling of the court.

The defendant has appealed the ruling and is seeking an acquittal. He will appear in court later this month.