China’s ‘levitating’ cars mystery finally solved

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Surveillance footage that went viral from a busy traffic junction in Xingtai, China, that appears to show two vans and a car suddenly rise off the road, with no apparent reason, has finally been explained.

The footage that was posted online by Live Leak and other providers, showed how the vehicles mysteriously jumped in the air, even forcing one to overturn.

Now Chinese media has suggested that on closer examination there is a rational explanation.

Reports have now stated that the incident was caused by a length of steel wire, which was caught in the brush of a street sweeper.

When the cars flip into the air, a large truck to the right of the screen can be seen turning away.

Chinese media say that the cause was a fallen line that was being dragged by the truck on the right.

In the controversial video, a passerby was seen warning of the problem after a vehicle snagged a cable laying on the ground. But once the cable became tightened, it caught the other three.