Love them or hate them, here are a few burpee exercises to try

Burpees are a combination of three exercises: squat, push up and plyometric jump

Vahdaneh Vahid

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Burpees are the tough full-body exercise that people love or hate. Burpees are a combination of three exercises: squat, push up and plyometric jump. If you are a beginner, I would suggest doing a hurpee - a burpee without a push up. If you are a veteran and want more of a challenge, here are some great variations.

Med ball burpee

- perform the entire ground part of the burpee with your hands on a medicine ball
- keep a tight core to ensure the ball does not slip out

Walking burpee

- have about five feet of space to the side of you
- start the burpee
- complete the push up
- keeping hands and feet on the ground, walk three to five steps to the side
- thrust your feet up and finish with the squat jump
- repeat in the other direction

Standard burpee

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- start standing up
- sit into a squat
- jump your feet back into the push-up position and keep your core tight
- complete a push up
- jump your feet back toward your hands and jump up

Travelling burpee

- have about 10 feet in front of you
- complete the burpee as normal
- at the end, jump up and out as far as possible
- immediately drop back down and repeat moving forward
- if space is tight, turn around and repeat the burpee going back to where you started

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