Rolls-Royce driving fraudster cons car owners in Dubai

A Dubai fraudster impressed victims with his gleaming white Rolls-Royce

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A Dubai fraudster has come up with an unusually flashy technique - impressing gullible victims with his gleaming white Rolls-Royce.

The con artist, described by victims of having an Arab appearance, arranges to meet car owners wishing to sell their vehicles.


After gaining their trust, the man - who is accompanied by a sidekick - then presents a check, instead of cash, for their cars. He then vanishes, tailed by his accomplice in the Rolls-Royce.

The victim only knows he has been hoodwinked when the check bounces.

The latest victim of the fraudster told Dubai-based tabloid Xpress, who were the first to report on the scam, that he had received a $50,000 check from the fraudster for his luxury BMW sedan.


The next morning, the seller discovered to his horror that he had traded his pride and joy for a worthless piece of paper.

“Little did I know that I had been fooled until next morning when I presented the check [at the bank],” he told Xpress.
The unhappy seller said that he had been impressed with the fraudster’s “polished appearance.”

“The Rolls-Royce was the clincher for me. I hardly suspected a thing, thinking he indeed must be a very rich and important man,” said the seller. “How naive it was of me.”

After calls to the fraudster went unanswered, the man lodged a police complaint.

An almost identical case was reported by the Xpress in September last year, when an Indian expat in Dubai said she had sold her almost brand-new Nissan SUV for $63,000 to a man in a white Rolls-Royce. The check also bounced.

“We didn’t suspect a thing. In fact, we were impressed,” the second victim told the tabloid.

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