Russian embassy mocked for using ‘illustrative’ video game screenshot

The diplomat outpost was mocked for posting a picture of three pixelated military trucks with a biohazard symbol on top

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Russia’s UK embassy became the butt of jokes on social media site Twitter over a post on Syria that used an image from a video game.

The tweet from the embassy, posted up on Thursday, said that “extremists” near Aleppo had received “several truckloads of chemical ammo.”

But instead of a picture proving the prescence of toxic cargo in Syria’s second city, the embassy posted a pixelated image of three army trucks - one with a biohazard symbol on top.

The embassy added a caption that the image, taken from the classic PC strategy series Command and Conquer, was “for illustrative purposes only.”

Seeing the funny side, Twitter users quickly responded with a series of pictures from other popular video games.


Apparently unfazed, the embassy then defended its tweet hours later.

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