Premier bargain: UK PM snaps up $2,200 used car

arris said that he believed that Cameron was looking to buy the humble hatchback for his wife Samantha

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Amid a fierce campaign to persuade Britons to stay in the European Union, UK premier David Cameron still has time to shop for second-hand cars.

After receiving a call from the prime minister’s security team about his blue Nissan Micra, on sale for just $2165 (£1,495) the dealer was skeptical.

“I thought it was one of my mates having a wind-up,” said Iain Harris, the owner of the Witney Used Car Centre, which is situated near the prime minister’s Oxfordshire constituency.

The caller had requested Harris to stay open for an extra half-hour past closing time.

But at precisely 5:32, the scheduled time, two Land Rovers and a Volvo showed up, carrying a casually-dressed Cameron with his security detail.

Car-meron’s color

Harris said that he believed that Cameron was looking to buy the humble hatchback - which had yellowing headlights and 148,000 kilometers on the clock - for his wife Samantha.

“He looked it over just like any bloke off the street, but not someone with mechanical knowledge,” he said, according to the Guardian. The prime minister appeared to have few other requirements - other than it had to be “something made in the UK.”

Cameron inspected the vehicle, asking an aide to stand behind it while he checked the brake lights, and completed the sale on the next day. Harris did not offer him a discount.

Harris joked to the prime minister that the car was the right color – a rich Conservative blue rather than a blazing Labour red.

“I think his security team thought it was odd I was just treating him like a normal customer,” said the dealer. “But it’s not like he was buying a £20,000 car, then it might have been different.”

The car dealer said that the he had avoided opening a conversation about politics, for fear of scaring away his customer. “He seems a nice enough chap,” he told the Daily Mail.

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