Meet Sistermatic, the violin duo who performed with Kanye and Beyonce

Al Arabiya English interviewed Sistermatic in Dubai for a personal look at their early years

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Sistermatic, the acoustic and electric violin duo, recently showed off their musicianship in Dubai as part of Novikov Nights. The sisters often perform popular classics to specially produced backing tracks, and have enjoyed great international success as a live act. They have performed with established artists including Adele, Beyonce, Celine Dion, Rod Stewart, Emeli Sande, Leona Lewis and Kanye West.

Al Arabiya English interviewed Sistermatic for a personal look at their early years, their growth as artists, touring, and their experience in Dubai.

- Where did you grow up, and what was your childhood like?

We grew up in Somerset, and went to a specialist music school before attending the Royal Academy of Music in London.

- How did playing violin become part of your life?

We were naturally drawn to music, as our whole family have been musicians from a young age. Our parents recognized our ability at an early age to sing along to songs in tune, and decided that we must play to our strengths and learn an instrument. Their favorite instrument has always been the violin, so we fell into it really, but feel very lucky to have been given the opportunity to learn and perform.

- What was your most exciting experience performing with other artists?

Opening the Brit Awards with Muse was unforgettable. We were part of an orchestra of 50 string players performing on three different levels of a specially built stage. We were all styled in black and white, and our faces were painted white with heavy black eye makeup. We must have looked menacing on camera, but the look was very powerful and reflected the song (Supremacy) that we were performing to. The production was awesome, and it was a groundbreaking moment.

- How did working with such stars come to be?

After graduating from music college, we started working with many prestigious agencies in London, from where these amazing opportunities rose. We get booked to perform as backing musicians for bands or solo artists, then they tend to ask us to go on tour with them as part of a string section, or we will be asked to feature on their new album as string players. The opportunities are endless for us, which we are incredibly grateful for and excited by.

- What has been the biggest obstacle in your career?

Our careers are so varied that not having a routine can be daunting. Going on tour, for example, can be a scary thought. Playing in recording sessions at Abbey Road brings its own level of pressure. Performing on TV shows is often nerve-wracking as you know you are being judged for every second you are on TV. Having said all that, performing in itself is the most enjoyable thing for us, and we would not want it any other way.

- How does it feel to be flown out all the way to Dubai for an event such as Novikov Nights?

Amazing! It is such a great opportunity. We have dined at Novikov in London and it is an incredible restaurant, so were thrilled to be invited. We are being really well looked after in Dubai, and the guests are really friendly and fun.

- What songs did you perform at Novikov?

We performed light chill out and popular house music, collaborating with the DJ. We also performed upbeat dance tracks as and when the guests asked for it.

- What are your plans while in Dubai?

Meeting up with family who live in the Middle East, which will be lovely. We have not been here before as a duo, so it has worked out really well for us to meet our extended family at the same time. We might also try and get a desert drive in if we have time, and if we are really lucky we will try and visit the Burj Khalifa.

- Do you have any upcoming projects?

We have a really busy summer coming up around Europe, which we are really looking forward to. It will mainly be touring with popular bands, including Coldplay.

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