Career coaching: Increase your chances of promotion in 9 simple ways

If you’re hungry for success and want a promotion, here are 9 simple ways you can increase your chances of getting it

Zeta Yarwood
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Career advancement is a top priority for many working professionals. Not only do they want to feel as though they are growing and developing, but also that their hard work is being recognized and rewarded along the way.

If you’re hungry for success and want a promotion, here are 9 simple ways you can increase your chances of getting it:


1) Choose the right company

Choosing to work for an employer that has a solid track record of training and development, succession planning and promotion is a fundamental step. The interview is an opportunity for you to find out more about their approach and values regarding such matters. If you are currently working for an employer where training and promotion is not part of their corporate values – perhaps it’s time to look for another job.

2) Focus on the bigger picture

People who naturally focus on the ‘big picture’ tend to get promoted faster. Demonstrating a clear understanding of the company’s vision, strategy, goals and objectives and how your role fits into all of this is a surefire way to be noticed by senior management. Watch, listen and learn everything you can about the different departments: what they do, their individual goals, how they work and interact with the other departments. Developing a holistic view of the company will set you up for a solid future in a leadership position.

3) Demonstrate the right attitude

Having the attitude of “What can I do for the company?” and not “What can the company do for me?” is crucial for anyone looking for a promotion. Anyone seen as selfish with only their own interests at heart will not be up for promotion any time soon. Go the extra mile, work outside the boundaries of your job description (with the permission of your boss) and focus on being a team player. You’ll get the thumbs up from all sides and feel good about yourself. It’s a win-win situation.

4) Aim to surpass your KPIs and targets

This is a no-brainer. If you want to get a promotion, you have to be worthy of a promotion. Meaning you have to perform. And most likely perform better than your peers – else they will get the promotion not you. Learn how to work smart – maximum results with maximum efficiency. If you’re having to work until 8pm every night to produce the same results others can achieve by 5pm, you’re either not working smart or what you’re doing doesn’t come naturally – meaning you could be in the wrong job.

5) Treat everyone with respect and help where you can

Your title is just a title. It does not make you more or less of a human being than the next person. Be respectful of everyone. Offer help where you can. Build relationships with everyone – from the doorman to the Managing Director. Not only will you be seen as a team player, you will simultaneously create a more fun and supportive working environment for yourself and others.

6) Find someone to model or a mentor

Proximity is power. Who you spend time with is who you become. If you want to be successful, you need to hang around with successful people. People who have higher standards than yours.

If you used the interview opportunity correctly, you should have already picked a boss that will be a good mentor for you. However, if you end up with a distinctly average boss, or the boss you picked leaves, then look out for other inspirational and successful people in the company. The ones that truly support, motivate and encourage the growth and development of everyone in the company. Watch how they interact with others. How they treat people. How they motivate their teams. How they deal with conflict. How they problem-solve. Then model them. Really want to succeed? Take it a step further and ask them to mentor you.

7) Be fearless

Most of the time, it is not our abilities that hinder our success but our fear. Fear of failure and what that could mean. The fact is there is no such thing as failure – only feedback. If you do something, and it doesn’t go to plan, it doesn’t mean you’ve failed. All it means is that something didn’t work and a change of strategy is required.

8) Be solution-focused not problem-focused

Banging on your boss’s door every time you have a problem will only give them a massive headache. They will be having a hard enough time tackling problems of their own, let alone yours. Ease their pain by doing your best to provide them with solutions and not problems. Even if your solutions aren’t perfect, your boss will appreciate your efforts.

9) Ask for it!

This is the key. If you’re waiting for someone to notice your hard work and simply hand that promotion to you, you’re going to be waiting a long time. Make yourself and your achievements visible and use that as evidence for your promotion. If your boss says you’re not ready, ask to be put on a career advancement plan and show you take your career seriously.

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