Three British tourists admit Syria boat trip hoax

Lewis Ellis, 25, Alex McCormick, 19, and James Wallman, 23, thought they were on a dolphin-watching trip. (Snapchat/Daily Mail)

Three British tourists who claimed they found themselves in war-torn Syria after getting on the wrong boat following a night of partying in Cyprus have confessed it was all a big joke, according to British newspaper the Daily Mail.

In an elaborate rouse Lewis Ellis, 25, Alex McCormick, 19, and James Wallman, 23, claimed they thought they were on a dolphin-watching trip when they got on a boat that turned out to be a boat transfer from Ayia Napa to the Syrian port of Tartous, according to an initial report in the Daily Mail on Tuesday.

The club reps told the newspaper they were oblivious until about halfway through their 100-mile trip across the Mediterranean Sea. It was then - they said - they realized that they were on the wrong vessel headed for Syria.

they went on to claim that on landing in Tartous , 50 miles away from the city of Homs, the trio were met by bemused military police officers stationed at a nearby Russian naval base, according to the Daily Mirror.



Not content with telling the British press their tale, they also snapchatted their hoax, at one point taking a picture of themselves with the hashtag: #NapaNightGoneWrong.

Ellis, from Manchester, said: 'The last club closed at 7.30am so we just powered through to our 9am boat trip and ended up blagging our way on to the wrong boat.

Tartous is one of Syria's few gateways to the Mediterranean. Hundreds of thousands of people have been killed in the country's civil war since it began in 2011.

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