Top 3 morning habits for weight loss if you need a kick start

If your goal is weight loss, start your day with these healthy habits that will rev up your metabolism

Vahdaneh Vahid
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If your goal is weight loss, start your day with these healthy habits that will rev up your metabolism and help improve your mood.



Exposing yourself to natural sunlight in the morning helps your body and mind wake up. This regulates your circadian rhythm, which is your natural body clock, making it easier to fall asleep when it is dark, and leading to a more natural and consistent sleep pattern.

This helps regulate hormonal balance throughout the day, which can prevent cravings and blood-sugar drops, which affect your mood.

As sunlight increases your body temperature, it supports your thyroid gland and naturally boosts your metabolism, stimulating more weight loss. You only need 20-30 minutes of sunlight between 8am and noon to reap the benefits.


Driving to and from work is easy but not good for your waistline. Cycling is an excellent way to lose weight - you will burn calories, de-stress and enjoy being outdoors. After a while, you may want to alter your route or increase the physical challenge.

Interval training is an excellent way to boost fat loss, and can help you avoid exercise boredom. To perform this type of training, alternate between short segments of regular-paced pedalling and short spurts of faster-paced pedalling. Walking to the closest bus stop or train station can be beneficial. Even better, plan your morning journey ahead, get off one or two stops early, and walk to your destination.


Thinking of skipping breakfast? Think again. You fast while sleeping, so chances are your body will eat you for breakfast instead. When we go for long periods without food, the body breaks down muscle tissue for energy and stimulates a rise in insulin, which can lead to blood-sugar issues and increase fat around the middle.

Many of us do not have an appetite in the morning, hence why we skip breakfast. This can be due to high amounts of adrenaline (stress hormone), which suppresses your appetite. Adrenaline can be stimulated throughout the night if you go to bed stressed.

Changing your lifestyle habits, and doing activities such as meditation, deep breathing, yoga and gentle outdoor walks, help relax your mind and body before bed. You will wake up feeling refreshed with a good appetite. Eating will help kick start your metabolism and prevent burning away muscle.

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