World’s weirdest wearable tech: Would you quit coffee for this?

Once it was all about looks, now smarts have become the driving force behind many of our fashion choices

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From pocket watch to Apple Watch, times have changed. Where once it was all about looks, smarts have become the driving force behind many of our fashion choices these days. From meditation headbands to intelligent clothing, wearable tech has impacted our lives in irreversible ways. Only last month, Samsung announced the release of their game-changing Gear IconX in-ear wireless earbuds, due to hit stores later this year.

The fashion electronics industry has come a long way since the unveiling of the Jawbone UP in 2011, the world's first smart wristband, which was followed by the Fitbit Flex in 2013. Personal activity trackers were only the beginning though, today the industry is more innovative than ever.

Even our pets are catered to, with wearable pet tech slated as the next big trend in the market. From bluetooth dog collars to caffeine bracelets, the world of wearable tech has reached peak weirdness. Here are some of our picks.

Joule Caffeine Bracelet, coming soon

Would you quit coffee for this? Guaranteed to make you a morning person, this bracelet delivers a hit of caffeine directly into your bloodstream, boosting your productivity and energy without all those nasty effects of drinking coffee, such as yellow teeth.

Meditation headband, $199, MUSE

Finally, a way to read minds (your own, that is). With the help of an app, this wireless headband guides you through meditation and measures what your mind is doing in real time. Peaceful sounds can be heard when your mind is calm, which then intensify as thoughts come, prompting you to bring your focus back.

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Smart ring, $288, Oura

The world's first wellness ring isn't even slightly bling. This ceramic statement piece monitors heart rate, motion, temperature and how your body responds to your lifestyle. But it's forte is sleep. As well as accruing 'sleep debt', it estimates how much you have to pay back (in hours) for optimum mental recovery. The ring knows all.

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Smart shoe, $450, Digitsole

Self-heating soles, boots that tighten automatically and calorie and distance tracking, it's all in a day's work for the world's first intelligent footwear, Digitsole. Ideal for cold weather, when prompted, the app can tell the soles to heat up to 38 degrees Celsius and tighten or loosen around the foot.

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Samsung in-ear wireless earbuds, $199, coming soon

A music player and fitness tracker in one, Samsung's soon-to-be-released wireless earbuds are designed with runners in mind. They charge in their case and have an ambient passthrough sound mode that let's you hear what's going around you when you're running outside.

Smart bowtie, $150, WonderWoof

Want to know what your pooch gets up to all day? This smart bluetooth bowtie clips onto your dog's collar and tracks their activity to ensure they're getting the right amount of exercise for their breed, age and size. That's not all, though. It also links you up to other dog-lovers and owners in your area.

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