Passenger of Emirates crash-landing wins $1 mln lottery a week later

An Indian man is celebrating after getting lucky this week in more ways than one

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Surviving Tuesday’s Emirates EK521 flight incident was all one man needed to feel blessed. But the stars have aligned in Mohammad Basheer Abdul Khadar’s favor, granting the 62-year-old a second miracle this week – a one million dollars lottery win.

After purchasing his 17th raffle ticket in the Dubai International Airport’s Duty Free Millennium Millionaire draw, Khadar’s ticket number, 0845, was randomly chosen, making him the lucky owner of $1 million (Dh3.67 million).

The amount is a treasure for Khadar, who makes approximately $2,222 a month. He had struggled to pay nearly $3000 in hospital bills for his son following a fall that left the boy paralyzed shortly after his birth.

But Khadar insists that his greater victory this week was getting off the plane safely.

“I have been working in Dubai for 37 years, and I have always felt like this is my country. I live a simple life, and now that it’s my time to retire, I feel like God gave me a second life when I survived the plane crash, and blessed me with this money to follow all this up by doing good things,” Khadar said to the local Gulf News.

Humbled by his recent strokes of luck, Khadar told Gulf News that he thought God was behind this week’s events. “I value the escape as a more precious gift from God and I knew God saved me for some specific purpose. Probably this is it.”

Khadar, who intends on retiring in four months, said he plans to take up a humanitarian job back home in India where he would be able to help children in need in Kerala, a southern coastal state in the south Asian country.

“I don’t want to give it to a charity or build a business, I want to go out and find people who really need help and give them money. I was poor, and I know what people go through,” he said.

“I am blessed to have finally won with Dubai Duty Free and can’t wait to share the news with my family.”

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