Emirates offers passengers on crashed plane $7,000 in cash aid

Airline spokesperson confirms aid to EK521 passengers ‘to meet their immediate needs’

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Passengers who survived the Emirates airline crash landing last week in Dubai have been offered a $7,000 (approximately Dh25,700) compensation, local media reported on Thursday.

The media also quoted some of the passengers who confirmed receiving emails on Tuesday about the compensation of $7,000 compensation per passenger.

“I didn’t calculate the cost of our belongings, I’m just glad that we’re alive,” said a passenger who is a resident of Dubai, to 7Days.

There were 282 passengers and 12 crew members on the EK521 flight on August 3, 2016, from Thiruvananthapuram in the south Indian state of Kerala to Dubai.

Rescue operations at the Dubai International Airport claimed the life of an Emirati firefighter, while the passengers and crew members were successfully evacuated from the plane following the incident.

Emirates spokesperson also confirmed the offer to passengers “to meet their immediate needs.”

“We are also refunding their tickets,” the spokesperson said.

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