Dubai salons slammed for lice hair treatment

Some salons are claiming that lice cures hair loss and makes hair thicker

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Beauty salons in Dubai have been warned after some were found to be selling lice as a treatment for hair loss, UAE daily Gulf News reported.

The warning from the local authority Dubai Municipality came after scammers spread rumors that lice cured hair loss and make hair ‘thicker’.

Apparently salons have been growing lice by accumulating damaged hair and expose it to high temperatures, the report added. And women are being duped into paying 14AED for one louse.

“The use of lice on hair is unhealthy and a harmful practice,” Hafez Ghalloum, head of the Health Control Section at Dubai Municipality told the newspaper.

“The section carries out regular and surprise inspections on beauty centers and hair salons to ensure they do not violate health rules and regulations. Those found violating rules will be fined,” Ghalloum added.

Ghalloum added that he was surprised people who go to salons to look better, risk damaging their scalps and exposing themselves to dangerous skin diseases by using lice the report added.

A dermatologist at Obaid Allah Hospital in Ras Al Khaimah, told the newspaper that people should avoid falling into the trap of believing false claims that are published on social media, which he said eventually can harm their own families.

“Head lice are small, wingless and blood-sucking insects. They live on head hair and feed on scalp blood. Head lice are contagious and spread quickly to others and cause severe itching and skin diseases. Treating lice and getting rid of it takes a long time,” Dr Sharif Diaa, told the newspaper.

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