Women freeze eggs because men ‘not father material,’ study finds

To silence the loud ticks of their biological clocks, women are freezing their eggs because the men they meet are not ‘not father material’

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To silence the loud ticks of their biological clocks, women are freezing their eggs – not because they are too busy focusing on their careers but because the men they meet are not “father material”, a study has found.

Research by a British PhD student said that her research dismissed the myth of women putting off motherhood to climb the career ladder, UK-based newspaper The Telegraph reported.

Speaking at the British Science Festival, Kylie Baldwin who conducted her research at DeMontford University in Leicester, said many of the women she spoke to were from large metropolitan cities and often claimed that choosing to have a child was difficult because “of the difficulty of finding a man who would commit to parenthood.”

“One of the women said to me that there is this perception that women are freezing their eggs for career reasons, and she said ‘yes I've got a great career, but that's not because I deliberately avoided a relationship, it’s because there was no one at home to go to so I stayed at the office late,” said Baldwin.

It is estimated that every year more than 800 women choose to preserve their fertility by freezing their eggs in the UK, as women’s eggs are suggested to be far healthier when they are young.

Baldwin surveyed 31 women that were well-educated with stable careers who lived in urban areas, and explained that several them had been relationships that lasted for several years but ended over disagreements about whether to have children or not. While others felt their partner at the time was not the right person with whom to have a child.

The decision to freeze eggs was often made by the most maternal of women, Baldwin claimed.

“They want to do parenting properly, they want to do motherhood properly and they think the best way to be the best mother they can be is with a male partner who is equally committed to children,” she said.

“But they also they wanted to be at a time in their lives where they could offer their children a good life.”

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