Meet the Japanese obsessed with Saudi Arabia’s culture

Takatoriya has a strong grasp of the Arabic language as evidenced by his bilingual tweets and social media posts

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It took just ten days for a Japanese tourist became obsessed with Saudi Arabia’s the Gulf states’ culture.

The man was so immersed that he has chosen to go out in the streets of Japan with the gulf traditional outfit.

Akira Takatoriya, which translates to Sun Moon in English, grew accustomed to sharing his pictures on Instagram and twitter wearing the Saudi attire.

Many users on Twitter thought that Takatoriya was Chinese, so he started introducing himself as Japanese; in his Twitter page he writes: “Hello, although I may not look like it, but I am in fact Japanese, I will be sharing pictures and scenes from Japan and I will try my best to learn Arabic.”

Takatoriya actually complained one time when he was boarding a plane that there was no Kabsa (traditional Saudi rice dish) on the menu, tweeting “No Kabsa on the menu.”

Takatoriya has a strong grasp of the Arabic langugage as evidenced by his bi-lingual tweets and social media posts. He has 26,000 followers on Twitter and 65,000 followers on Instagram.

*This article was originally published on AlArabiya.net.