Egypt’s tuk-tuk driver dismisses reports that he is ‘dead’

Mustafa Abdel Azim al-Laithi. (Photo courtesy: Al Hayat)

An Egyptian tuk-tuk driver, who became famous after berating the Army-led government's policies in a video that went viral, is back to the spotlight amid reports of his death from torture.

Mustafa Abdel Azim al-Laithi dismissed news about his death in an interview with the Arabic-language website of Al Arabiya News Channel.

He also rebuffed reports of his arrest, as claimed by sources close to the banned Muslim Brotherhood.

A security source has also confirmed that the purported photo being circulated of Laithi killed was not that of the tuk-tuk driver.

In the interview, Laithi said his video was directed against some corrupt practices in the country and was not directed against the government.

The driver sought refuge at the home of his in-laws to escape from the relentless media spotlight.

(The article first published in the Arabic language website for Al Arabiya News Channel)


Last Update: Sunday, 23 October 2016 KSA 21:27 - GMT 18:27