Video shows ISIS militants jostle to be next suicide bomber

A disturbing video has come to light of ISIS propaganda in which members of the terror group seem to boast about how it’s militants jostle with each other to carry out suicide attacks in areas under their control in Aleppo.

The video, published on Wednesday, appears to show an ISIS militant, enthusiastically readying himself for a suicide mission, before being challenged by another, named as Abu Luqman al Tunisi.

Al Tunisi is seen arguing that he is the one who should carry out the suicidal attack.

Al Arabiya understands from the video sequence, that al Tunisi rushes to the vehicle to pull his fellow militant out of the vehicle before an argument erupts between the two.

In the end they agree to play a “pebble toss”.

The Syrian man, who was pulled from the vehicle does not guess correctly in which hand their comrade hid the pebble.

Instead Al Tunisi wins the bid, and reacts excitedly as he realizes he is to be the suicide bomber.

He rushes to drive the car bomb, and later in the video thick plumes of smoke are seen. It is believed he rammed the vehicle into the target and detonated his explosives killing himself and others.

Last Update: Wednesday, 20 May 2020 KSA 09:48 - GMT 06:48