Saudi giraffe hunter: Baby elephant next

Rashed al-Hajri received negative reactions when images of him holding a giraffe’s severed neck surfaced online

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Riyadh – The story of the Saudi who slaughtered a giraffe for his guests has gathered many reactions, with dozens of letters and inquiries being written since the story was first published on Al Arabya’s digital platforms.

The reactions urged Rashed al-Hajri, the 42-year-old Saudi hunter, to respond to his critics via a video exclusively published by

Hajri said that what he committed in Tanzania was fully legal, as he had an official permit from thesState through a specialized company that provided him with the different logistics. This is common practice for many hunting enthusiasts who flock to Tanzania from all over the world.

Hajri also pointed out that the slaughtering of the giraffe was done by the book, and in accordance with the law. He stressed that he has the utmost respect for his critics who were agonized by his actions, yet believes that “they are probably vegetarians, who don’t eat meat all together”.

He assured his followers that many surprises are coming their way, hinting to his intentions in slaughtering a baby elephant, and tasting its flesh.

In an interview with, Hajri said that: “I respect all opinions. We did indeed slaughter and eat the giraffe; nevertheless we donated the meat to the less fortunate and the poor. God willing, there will be more surprises along the way.”

The Saudi hunter encourages people to try out the giraffe’s meat and had previously asked local restaurants to start putting its meat on their menus, claiming that it is much tastier than sheep and camel meat.

*This article first appeared on on Oct. 25, 2016.

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