Saudi woman chosen as new director of global Mathematical Union

Meet Sameera Aziz, the new director of The International Mathematical Union

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Saudi media figure Sameera Aziz has been selected to be the new director of The International Mathematical Union (IMU), an international non-governmental organization devoted to cooperation in mathematics.

Among 158 other candidates representing their countries, Aziz was chosen to manage the organization for a mandate of three years. She announced that she plans to hold a number of sport events and cultural festivities in accordance to the Kingdom’s regulations.

“In spite of the social challenges, women in Saudi Arabia receive encouragement and support from civil society, The Saudi Government offers all the necessary assistance to them. It is very important for women to be qualified, to work hard to achieve success,” she said.

Aziz was the first Saudi female director to have movies written and directed by her in Bollywood.

She was also awarded a prestigious prize at the Middle East awards show, the GR8! In Dubai.

She is also the first Saudi novelist to write in Urdu.

The election took place in the city of Gujarat, India. Dr. Inayet Karem from Bangladesh was elected president of the organization; Richard Lawrence from the United States was elected vice president and Shri Wico from India as first secretary.