Selfie leads two Egyptian girls to fall from the fourth floor

They were severely injured and rushed to the hospital where they are still in a critical situation

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A tragic incident took place in Port Said, in the north of Egypt. Two girls fell from the fourth floor when they were trying to take a selfie. They were severely injured and rushed to the hospital where they are still in a critical situation.

Ahmad Sami who witnessed the incident told All Arabiya that those who were passing in the Muhammad Ali street in Port Said were shocked by the voice of the two girls hitting the ground and the resulting screaming. The passersby rushed to the site and saw the girls on the ground where they were heavily bleeding.

The two girls were immediately rushed to the Port Said public hospital where the doctors confirmed that their condition is critical, thus they had to take one of them to the Nuzha international hospital in Cairo and the other to the Jala’ military hospital that is also located in Cairo.

Investigations conducted by the police revealed that the two girls were trying to take a Selfie from the balcony of a fourth floor apartment in Tawheed Tower; they apparently couldn’t keep their balance and fell off.

According to the investigations, the first girl is Rawan al-Sayed Hassan, and the second is Sarah Latif. They are both 15 years old.

Amira Shami, who is their friend, said on her Facebook page that her two friends suffer from spinal fractures, minor concussion and cerebral hemorrhage, as well as pelvic fractures.

A medical source at the Port Said hospital said that the two girls reached the hospital in a very critical and dangerous state and wished them a speedy recovery.

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