Cleric who mocked female medics ‘unaccredited’

Saudi cleric, Saeed bin Farwa, criticized females working in the medical fields, holding them responsible for ‘spreading immoralities’

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A Saudi cleric who recently provoked public outcry for mocking fathers whose daughters were studying medicine has been confirmed by the Ministry of Islamic Affairs as having no accreditation to preach in the first place.

In a controversial sermon dating back to 2010, Saeed bin Farwa directed scathing criticism on the families of females working in the medical fields and holding them responsible for “spreading immoralities”.

Bin Farwa’s condescending tone was heightened when he described these fathers by using a lewd word in Arabic, which could mean that they are “not real men.”

Advisor at the Ministry of Islamic Affairs Dr. Abdul Rahman al Askar told Al Arabiya News Channel: “The sermon dates back six years ago. It is odd that is re-emerged during the same period the imam who allowed bin Farwa’s sermon to take place was being disciplined."

“Bin Farwa is not an employee of the ministry, he is not authorized to preach and he is not a certified one,” Askar said.

Saudi Arabia’s Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul Aziz al-Sheikh said bin Farwa’s statement is “dangerous.”

“This is a dangerous statement, and it is not acceptable,” the grand mufti said. He also said that “our [medical] universities are protected, and men and women are separated.”

“Each gender in two different halls,” he added.