Egyptian man goes into seizure, attacked and killed by his dogs

The German shepherd dogs attacked the epileptic man, and mauled his body beyond recognition

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Egyptian man was attacked and mauled to death by his own pair of dogs on Monday.

The incident occurred at the victim’s family home in al-Sahel region, north of Cairo.

Investigations revealed that the owner, who is an epileptic, divorced, and lives with his mother and sister, was alone when he suffered a seizure and alarmed the dogs, which led to the assault.

The German shepherd dogs attacked him, and mauled his body beyond recognition.

They ripped apart his body with around 400 bites.

The victim screamed for help, drawing his neighbors' attention who rushed to call his family.

By the time he arrived late, the man was dead and the dogs continued to attack his body.

Last week, a similar incident happened where a circus trainer was attacked and killed by a lion during a performance in Alexandria.