Pictures: Woman in Eastern Aleppo dies in wheelchair as husband looks for doctor

The woman died right infront of the camera

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An elderly woman in Eastern Aleppo died in her wheel chair this week as her husband sought medical aid in a part of the city where all hospitals have been bombed by Russian and Syrian forces.

The woman, who was identified as Sabah Mohammed on social media, died in the deserted Alsha’ar neighborhood in besieged Aleppo, before it was captured by Syrian government forces.

Photos circulating online show her husband pushing her through the rubble.

Yahya Alrio, the photographer who captured the images, said the elderly woman died in her wheelchair.

According to a Facebook account that published the pictures on December 5, the women died in front of the photographer, just after she told Alrio of the dire need of humanitarian aid in the neighborhood.

The husband, who is photographed crying and kneeling at the feet of his wife, spoke to the photographer shortly before her death about the destruction of his house and the disappearance of his seven children, Anatolia news agency reported.
Sabah’s husband said she stood by him through thick and thin as they raised their seven children.

He reportedly earlier voiced concern over the fate of his wife, due to their inability to access a doctor or hospital.

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