Egyptian girl, 12, kills toddler out of revenge for mum

Hannan lured the toddler to a remote area near a canal and strangled until she died

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A 12-year-old girl killed a toddler in revenge for her mother, who was hit by the victim’s mother after a fight between the two neighbors, in Beni Suef province, Southern Egypt.

The body of two and a half-year-old Dina Mohammed, was discovered in a sack near a canal in al Shanawiyah village.

A police investigation revealed that Hannan Mahmoud killed Dina out of revenge for her mother.

A previous argument between the two neighbors had ended in a scuffle in which Hannan’s mother was punched by the victim’s mother.

The girl confessed to police, giving gruesome details of the crime - she said she lured the toddler to a remote area near the canal, where she promised to buy the toddler candy.

There, she strangled Dina and put her naked body into a sack.

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