Teacher in Aleppo pleas for help: ‘we want freedom’

A video purported to be showing an English school teacher in Eastern Aleppo went viral on social media on Wednesday. In the video, he is seen making a plea to the world and suggesting his fate, and of thousands of besieged Syrians, might be in the near future.

In the video Mr. Alhamdo says: “Assad’s militias are may be 300 meters away. No place to go, it’s the last days. Really I hope you can do something for Aleppo people. For my daughter. For other children.”

He then says he lost hope in the United Nations, or the international community, saying he believes they are not unhappy with the ‘greatest massacres’ in modern history.

He ends the video by saying: “Yesterday, there were celebrations in the other side of Aleppo; celebrating on our bodies, but at least we know that we were a free people we wanted freedom. We did not want anything else but freedom.”

The school teacher, like many others, is being forced to leave the neighborhood he grew up in in Eastern Aleppo.

This is also available on Al Arabiya.net

Last Update: Wednesday, 20 May 2020 KSA 09:49 - GMT 06:49