In 20 years, an Aleppo movie will win 7 Oscars, Australian girl tweets

Ayesha Mirza mocked the international community for not taking action on Aleppo

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An Australian student, Ayesha Mirza, has tweeted mocking the international community for not taking action on Aleppo went viral on Monday.

In her tweet, she wrote: “In 20 years a movie called “Aleppo” will win 7 Oscars & everyone will say “Something like that should never be allowed to happen again””

Social media user Jackie Rocheleau labeled it ‘tweet of the year.’

Sande J. J. agreed with Mirza, giving examples of movies from the past such as ‘Tears of the Sun’ and ‘Hotel Rwanda’

Columbian Engineer Oscar Pimienta wrote that people will only care about Aleppo after the movie stars a “white protagonist”

Martyn Vincent said the movie would star ‘Matt Damon’ as the savior

User name Clifterrorist sarcastically tweeted Aleppo’s future movie would be called “A song for Aleppo” staring Bradley Cooper

Lawyer and auther Qasim Rashid tweeted the movie plot will be told from the point of view of a “handsome privileged white male”

Thousands of people are still waiting on Thursday to be evacuated from eastern Aleppo but harsh weather was complicating the final phase of the operation.