Saad Lamjarred: Will he be set free before New Year?

If the Moroccan pop star’s appeal is successful Friday, he can celebrate New Year with his friends and family

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Moroccan pop star, Saad Lamjarred, will appear in front of an investigative Judge in Paris Friday who will consider his application for a conditional release from Jail after being charged with “aggravated rape” and allegedly assaulting a 20-year-old woman in the city.

If his appeal is indeed successful, he will get to celebrate new year with his friends and family. Lamjarred’s attorney, Eric Dupont Moretti, told al-Arabiya.net that in his testimony Lamjarred will provide the court with new information pertinent to his relation with the defendant, Lora Prioul.

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In addition, he will question her repeated denial to appear in court, Morretti said, adding: “we have requested to serve her with a subpoena to testify…we will reiterate this request on Friday’s session.”

Sources close to the defendant claimed that she is constantly on the move, suffering from the emotional and psychological effects of the incident. French law restricts forced testimony of “rape” victim while under psychological and physical stress.

Attorney Ibrahim Rashidi, who is part of the defense team of Lamjarrad, said that they will chiefly focus on convincing the court to temporarily release their client.

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