Was ‘dead’ man actually alive for 35 days more than thought?

Mystery surrounds the death of an Egyptian man - but not in the way most would imagine

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Mystery surrounds the death of an Egyptian man - but not in the way most would imagine. It has been claimed that the villager actually died 35 days AFTER he was buried.

The strange story comes from the village of Al Maqrabeyahp, in the Egyptian province of Qus in the south of the country.

It’s understood that prosecutors had ordered the extraction of the body of Mohamed Abdul Wahab Mustafa, 55, on the request of his family, who wanted to move him to another cemetery.

Relatives of the deceased, said they believed he had visited them in their dreams and asked that his tomb be moved to his retreat where he used to pray and worship.

The public prosecutor apparently agreed and ordered the transfer of the body in the presence of a medical examiner and a security delegation.

But as the work started on exhuming the body it is said the coroner confirmed the body was intact and had not decomposed.

The experts concluded that the body of the deceased had therefore not been dead for 35 days as first thought, but just a few hours.

Villagers organized a funeral, stressing the deceased was well thought of and a worshiper, but who lived the life of a hermit. A relative told Al Arabiya his family decided to build him a shrine to honor his memory.

Village mayor, Haj Ghaleb, told Al Arabiya the incident genuinely happened, and added that the deceased was a man of great morals, known to spend his days worshiping and praying.

He added that the dead man had worked as the sheikh of the village solving people’s problems. Ghaleb said he was well liked.

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