WATCH: The elderly Saudi man who caters for 100 cats

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The 60 years wrinkles that seemed to manifest in the face of the Saudi citizen Ibrahim al-Hamdan, didn’t prevented him from caring for more than 100 cats next to his ranch, located in the Janeh Valley in the Saudi province of Unaizah.

For more than 20 years, Al-Hamdan never missed a date with his cats. His voice and the roar of his engine car signaled the gathering of the cats from all the surrounding farms to receive welfare and cat food.


He explained to Al Arabiya that he even urged his sons to look after them in his absence, and provide meals for them, every evening, without interruption.

Al-Hamdan knows the cats very well down to every detail. If one goes missing even for two days, he starts looking for it around.

“Some people adopt bashful cats that may have young kittens leaving the babies to die,” Hamden asserted, as he appealed to everyone not to harm the cats in the streets, hurt them or take them from their lair leaving their young to starve and die.

Al-Hamdan owns a small farm in the Janeh Valley where he set up a traditional house that echoes the heritage of the area. He displays all types of traditional artifacts; he even has his own mini zoo where a wolf, a hyena and some bird species live in peace.

He noted that the cats randomly started to gather at his ranch. Some families who dispense of their cats drop them at the ranch to receive care and daily meals.

Nicknamed “The Professor”, Al-Hamdan is one of the famous mud builders in the area, explained that the sound of his car “Bourry” released every afternoon signals more than 100 cats to run from everywhere for lunch.

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