Eman, world’s heaviest person at 500 kilos, already lost 35 kilos

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The 36-year-old Egyptian woman Eman Ahmed Abdelaty, who at 500 kilos is the world’s heaviest, presently undergoing treatment in Mumbai, has already lost 35 kilos, according to Dr Muffazal Lakdawala, who is treating her at his hospital.

The internationally-famous bariatric surgeon revealed this in an interview with Mumbai Mirror, and went to praise Eman’s tenacity. “She's like a little sumo wrestler with a great spirit.”

The doctor also said that his patient is also smiling, as she regains her spirit again.

Until this week, she could not even lift her hands, having been lying flat on her bed at her home in Alexandria for almost two decades.

For Dr Lakdawala who has treated many obese patients in India and abroad, treating his latest overseas patient involves lot of risks. Eman has to lose over a 100 kilos before he can think of operating on her.

Results from genetic test are also being awaited to find out whether she suffers from monogenic obesity. There are 91 different types of genes isolated with obesity related syndrome. If it turns out to be monogenic obesity “certain drugs might work better than surgery,” Dr Lakdawala said.

Eman’s quality of life has been improving, the doctor was quated as saying: “…she can now pass urine through a catheter as opposed to soiling her clothes, her body is softening, and she can even raise her arm a little. I deliberately salute her when I go to see her and she attempts to salute me back."

“Bringing a semblance of normalcy to Eman’s life may take a few years. The entire panel of doctors treating Eman is committed to giving her the best care and helping her to get back on her feet and recover from her current ailments,” Dr. Lakdawala conveyed to Al Arabiya English, in an email.

“My priority is to save Eman and give her quality of life. If I can ensure with whatever means - by Bariatric surgery or otherwise to enable her to sit up and do things on her own in this first stage; for me that shall be victory.”

“Messages conveying greetings and good wishes are pouring in from Egypt, in appreciation of the helping hand that India has lent an Egyptian national. This noble endeavor will surely strengthen our existing ties with Egypt. We are hopeful that with the blessings of Almighty, Eman will be successfully treated and will be able to return home safely,” according to Huzaifa Shehabi, COO, Saifee Hospital.

Eman’s sister, Shaimaa Ahmed, who has been her strongest supporter has also accompanied her to India. Moved by the efforts made for her sister, she said: “I would like to express my gratitude to Dr. Muffazal and Saifee Hospital for their help and effort in Eman’s journey so far. Now that we are finally here, we can start her treatment. Please pray for Eman to recover.”

Mubai Mirror reports that outside the sospital where she is admitted, the city of Mumbai has embraced Eman with great enthusiasm. Newspapers have an ‘Eman beat’, Bollywood superstar Hrithik Roshan's mother wants to donate funds for her treatment, and India’s External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj is keenly tracking her progress.

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