Saudi reveals to Al Arabiya how crashed Jordanian pilot was found

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Saleh al-Yami, the Saudi citizen who rushed to aid the Jordanian pilot whose F16 fighter jet crashed in Saudi Arabia’s Najran, revealed the details of what happened to Al Arabiya.

“I heard the sound of a fighter in Najran’s sky but then I heard it crash and a part of it fell in a different location than the crash site,” Al-Yami told Al Arabiya.

Al-Yami headed to where the jet crashed while his brother headed to the part which fell from the jet. When Al-Yami arrived to the jet it was still burning and he tried to find those on board.

He then received a phone call from his brother who informed him that he found the pilot, adding that the latter survived the crash.

“I headed to them and I saw the pilot was well. Another man who was with us from al-Thebyan family informed security authorities that we found the Jordanian pilot and he’s alive and well,” Al-Yami added.

The Jordanian pilot is fighting with Arab Coalition Forces in Yemen.

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