Surveillance footage reveal new evidence in murdered Saudi businessman case

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New details are emerging in the murder case of Ahmed Al Amoudi, a well-known Saudi businessman who was killed inside his fortified villa last Friday.

Sources close to the case said six suspects, including a Saudi who works as the victim’s driver and a Yemen citizen who doubles as a driver and salesman.

Eyewitnesses revealed that Al Amoudi moved in 2015 to the custom-designed house equipped with secured entry system and surveillance cameras, which were reportedly tampered with on the eve of the crime. According to sources close to the case, this was proof that the murder was premeditated.

Security cameras showed one of the suspects wearing a mask emerging on Friday morning from the villa carrying a suitcase.

It also showed the salesman within the vicinity of the crime scene, his alibi was “offering types of honey” for sale.

Saudi police are also questioning a third man, the driver of a taxi who reportedly drove the honey man away from the businessman’s house.

The three men were identified after they appeared on footage found recorded on the surveillance cameras of the dead businessman’s neighbors, Saudi daily Makkah reported on Monday.

Local media reports suggest that the men also took millions of dollars from the dead businessman’s house after killing him, although an exact amount cannot be identified at the time of publication.