Video: Watch how a man gets swallowed by the pavement in Russia

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A 62-year-old man was waiting at the bus stop for a bus heading to the Russian city of Yaroslavl when he suddenly sank into a huge hole that opened up the road. According to Yarnett website, his fate remained unknown for 3 days. The road swallowed him and there was no trace of him. The story published by Yarnett included a video that was recorded from a surveillance camera on the street.

In the video, the man seems to have felt something abnormal happening under his feet when he first arrived to the bus stop. As soon as he looked down to see what was happening, he got swallowed by a hole that suddenly opened up the pavement. Those who were near him hurried to help him but were surprised because he totally disappeared.

A woman who was there called the police and the ambulance, who soon came and started searching for Alexander Zaitsev. They started digging for hours at the place where he disappeared but they couldn’t find any trace of him.

They created a bigger hole searching for him, reaching 6 meters deep. He was in a hole that was like a medium-sized bedroom. When examining it, they knew that it is a small cave underneath the street. Due to the weather, the cave started to swallow what was around it and above it, to the extent that it swallowed the pavement.

In another part of the video, we see the man who was swallowed explaining to the Yarett website reporter about the type of wounds and serious bruises he suffered from. He said that the most serious one has led to his elbow and finger to be broken. He has also suffered from severe contusions in his chest. He received the treatment at a neighboring hospital for 3 days at.
The street was turned into a giant workshop and excavators were searching for any possible expansion of the cave but they couldn’t find any.

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