Customers flee from flying snake attack in an Internet cafe

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It was a terrifying moment in an Internet café in Thailand when a feisty snake appeared unexpectedly and attacked a man by biting him on his posterior.

Flying through the air when the Internet café’s customer cracks open the door, the snake made it through the café and attacked the man with its sharp teeth.

As the others fled for cover, the man was forced to kick the snake and shake it off.

Rat snakes are known for not being venomous. However, they kill their prey by constriction using their muscles.

In response to the video revealing the horrific incident, online commentators noted that this experience would have been terrifying for the man. Others commented on a lighter vein.

Juan Valdez said, “I would die in that situation.”

Stranahan07 wrote, “Did that snake just fly for a quick second?”

Another commentator, Richard, noted, “That guy owes a lot of money to the owner and the snake is the debt collector.”