The Malaysian man who kissed King Salman’s head speaks out

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The man who kissed King Salman’s head during his recent visit to Malaysia, has spoken of his admiration during an interview with Al Arabiya.net for the Saudi ruler and he commended him for his support of Muslims and the Islamic faith

Malaysian-Chinese Islamic scholar Sheikh Hussain Yee said he felt honored to meet the king, adding that he admired the king for his generous character.

Yee received widespread attention when kissed King Salman’s head during a visit to Malaysia in February.

“We all know the challenges he’s confronting, particularly in Syria and Yemen, and we believe he will play a special role in terms of serving Islam and Muslims. There’s also his role in looking after refugees,” Yee said.

“I kissed his head to voice gratitude for the role he played in serving religion and the Muslim nation. When I saluted him, I prayed that God protects him because he’s someone I admire so much.” He added.

Addressing the Saudi people, he said: “We love Saudi Arabia and its rulers, because they protect the Two Holy Mosques and serve Muslims.”

But Yee also warned of media outlets that promoted a bad image of Islam, while ignoring positive Muslim role models.

“I feel very sad that there’s no awareness regarding the importance of correcting the image of Islam. I am certain that the king will make the required efforts to correct this conception and show the true image of Islam that’s all about tolerance and justice,” he added.