VIDEO: Saudi pilot narrates moment when another plane enters his flight path

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A Saudi Arabian Airlines pilot has narrated how an airplane entered the same flight path as his airplane and uploaded a video of how he veered away from it.

Mohammed Al-Shaiban uploaded the video which he shot using his cellular phone on his Twitter account.


“It’s a beautiful scene of the Boeing 747 airliner at a 38,000 feet altitude as it enters our route knowing that my altitude was 40,000 feet,” Shaiban wrote.

He also said that he was flying at 38,000 feet altitude but the air traffic controller asked him to ascend to 40,000 feet half an hour before the airplanes cross each other’s flight path, adding that the controller’s directions reflected his professionalism.

Shaiban also said that the other airplane was emitting a lot of fumes due to condensed water vapor resulting from the exhaust and the hot gas coming out from the engine as it was flying at a high altitude.

He added that if he had not ascended, his plane would have entered the other plane’s whirlpool and caused them violent turbulence.

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