Saudi woman tells story of her son’s death and appeals to save others

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A Saudi woman has shared on Twitter the tragic story of how she lost her 6-year-old son to cancer.

Fatima al-Dossari tweeted that her son Muthana al-Soueidan died after suffering from the terminal disease.

Fatima accused Muthana’s father of "killing him" after he allegedly refused to allow her son to be treated abroad when the child’s medical situation allowed it at the time.

She added that the father, who is serving time in prison on terrorism-related charges, has complicated their lives.

Fatima told Al Arabiya that she does not want her other son, who suffers from bone problems and irregular blood sugar levels, to have the same fate as his brother.

Her younger son cannot travel with his uncles for treatment because the father does not allow it, she said.

He also refused to open a bank account for his kids, under the pretext it’s against Islamic teachings, so they were unable to benefit from government benefits.

According to Fatima, "his father did not allow his son to go to school saying that education is tyrannical; this has led to the deterioration of the psychological state of the child because he was forced to stay with his brother who was a cancer patient for three years, moving from hospital to another.”