This 12-year-old has beaten Albert Einstein in an IQ test

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Rajgauri Pawar is the 12-year-old genius that has scored higher than Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking in an IQ test.

According to the Independent, Pawar took the British Mensa IQ test in Manchester and scored a staggering 162, twenty-two points over the benchmark, and two points higher than Einstein and Hawking.

The little genius, who is of Indian origin and currently resides in Cheshire County, has scored the highest possible IQ for someone who is younger than eighteen years of age, the newspaper reported.

According to Mensa, the largest and oldest IQ society in the world, Pawar is one of the only 20,000 people to achieve the score worldwide.

“I was a little nervous before the test but it was fine and I’m really pleased to have done so well,” Pawar told the newspaper.

Pawar’s father, Dr. Surajkumar Pawar, expressed gratitude to Pawar’s school stating: “This wouldn’t have been possible without the efforts of her teachers and the support which my daughter enjoys every day at school.”

Pawar is now a member of the British Mensa IQ society due to her astounding IQ score.

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