Amazing results with Eman’s weight loss treatment in the UAE

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Dr. Yassin El Shahat, chief medical officer at the UAE's Burjeel hospital, has reported details of Eman Ahmed’s condition and the development of her treatment since she came to Abu Dhabi.

He said, according to Al-Bayan newspaper, that Eman’s psychological state and her physical health is progressing significantly, and that they have reached amazing results with her treatment.

"Eman began to move her arms and limbs, and started to verbalize her pain, and was able to sit on the bed this morning naturally," he said.

This is considered a major progress in her psychological health which has deteriorated since her trip to India.

"When Eman came to Abu Dhabi, her health and psychological condition was very challenging, she could not even move her limbs, and she was very depressed, especially as she was still suffering from the consequences of a previous stroke," he said.

The doctor confirmed that the preliminary evaluation conducted by the medical team discovered that Eman suffers from a skin ulcers and severe urinary tract infection, and is currently being treated.

The medical team also discovered that Eman suffered a reflux in the aortic valve of the heart, noting that the cardiologists preferred a conservative treatment at this stage.

Dr. Shehat added that Eman remained in India for almost three months, and when her sister Shaimaa shouted out a distress call to the world via social media sites to save her sister, all parties cooperated immediately.”

“The arrival was somewhat delayed due to procedures and arrangements in India related to the transfer process, the UAE and Egypt’s Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Abu Dhabi airport and Egypt Airlines made great efforts to transfer the patient smoothly and in a professional manner.

Eman suffers from a rare genetic defect since childhood. The doctor noted that that this level of genetic obesity is rare worldwide, “After Eman we only heard about the Mexican Juan Pedro Franco, who once weighed more than half a ton at 595 kilos.”

20 doctors specialized in genetic diseases, cardiology, physiotherapy, nutrition and speech, are working to improve Eman’s health.

The medical team is training Eman to dispense of the tube used for nutrition through the nose so that she can start eating and drinking naturally.

Dr. Shehat stressed that Burjeel hospital took the initiative to ensure that Eman reaches a stable state allowing her to live life normally at any cost.

He added that the hospital will not hesitate to resort to doctors from abroad if necessary to help treat Eman.

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