This video remains to be one of the strangest to come out of the Gulf war

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Shocking footage of a soldier being sucked into an engine of a US fighter in 1991 has surfaced.

The grainy footage shows 21-year-old trainee, John Bridget, checking the launch mechanism on the attack aircraft, and then suddenly gets pulled into the engine.

According to the Daily Mail, the video was filmed aboard the USS Eisenhower on February 20, 1991 during the Gulf War.

Luckily, Bridget survived the horrific accident, and was later pictured with bandages around his head and arms.

Daniel P Streckfuss, another officer who was with Bridget at the time, explained how his coworker was able to survive.

“What allowed him to survive was the design of the A-6 engine (the J-52). It has a long protruding ‘bullet’ or cone that extends in front of the first stage fans,” said Streckfuss.

“When he was sucked in, his arm extended above his head which caused his body to wedge between the bullet and inside wall of the intake,” he explained.

“Lucky for him, his cranial and float coat were sucked in first causing the FOD’d engine which prompted the pilot to cut the throttle,” he further stated.