Shocking video: Baby girl smoking shisha and her mother films the moment

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An activist on social media have circulated a video showing a 4-year-old Arab girl smoking shisha (hookah).

The girl in the video is sitting on a couch in what looks like her family’s house, shouting at her mother, asking her for Shisha. When the mother responds to her daughter’s order, the girl grabs the shisha like an adult and smokes it without hesitation.


The girl gets mad when her mother takes back the shisha or when another girl sitting next to her, asks to get her “share.”

The video has been widely criticized, especially that it contradicts the law that protects minors and children from harm and forbids exposing them to both physical and moral risks. It is also known that the shisha has more harmful effects than cigarettes.

It is clear that the mother of the girl was the one who recorded the video, especially that the voice of a woman that does not care about the effects of the shisha to the girl kidneys, can be heard.

Al Arabiya could not identify when and where the video was filmed, but the girl’s dialect indicates that she is most probably from the Levant. The video has aroused a wave of discontent on social networking sites.

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