Iraqi mother dies after liposuction surgery in Lebanon goes wrong

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An Iraqi mother of two, Farah Kassab, 33, died during a plastic surgery procedure in Lebanon on Wednesday.

Farah traveled from Dubai to Lebanon to perform liposuction surgery at the hands of one of the most popular plastic surgeons in Lebanon, Nader Saab.

Farah’s father, Jawad Kassab said to Lebanese daily Al Nahar that she did not inform him about the operation because he was totally against it.

The father said Farah just wanted a stomach liposuction, but the doctor encouraged her to do a full-body liposuction. He alleged that Saab did five surgeries in one go that costed $50,000.

Farah stayed in the operation room in Saab’s clinic in Naccache for more than four hours. After persistent enquiry by family members, they were informed that Farah was transferred to Jouneh’s Lady of Lebanon Hospital, which is far compared to other hospitals nearby the clinic.

The hospital spokesperson said that Farah was dead by the time she arrived at the hospital and had a stroke after the surgery.

Farah was reportedly transferred to the hospital because she needed a specific medical attention that was not available at the cosmetic surgery hospital.

After the incident, the Lebanese Health Ministry have shut down the clinic and the hospital, until the investigations of the Directorate of Medical Care are over. Additionally, the forensic report is awaited to identify the death cause and to take necessary actions.

The Minister of Justice, Salim Jreissati, asked the Public Prosecutor on Saturday to follow up Farah Kassab’s case and track the medical procedure followed at Nader Saab’s cosmetic surgery hospital.

Lebanese journalist Ricardo Karam posted a Facebook post after the incident explaining the story about Farah, who is the daughter of a close friend.

Karam mentioned that people should choose their doctors wisely without being affected by the advertisements, saying that "they are traps."

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