Canada postal service suspends delivery over crow attacks

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Canada’s postal service confirmed Tuesday that it has suspended mail delivery to a Vancouver neighborhood after repeated attacks on its carriers by a crow.

Canuck the crow would often swoop in and peck at carriers delivering to three homes on the city’s east side.

On one occasion, according to media reports, a carrier was left bleeding.

Canada Post spokesman Phil Legault said in a statement to AFP that the safety of its employees is “of most importance.”

He cited several incidents “in this neighborhood when our letter carriers were attacked by a crow.”

Residents, he said, have been advised where to go to pick up their mail, adding that postal service would resume “as soon as possible when it’s safe.”

A bird believed to be the very same crow gained notoriety in 2016 for stealing a knife from a crime scene.

It has also been spotted riding the city’s metro and earlier this month got into a flap with a McDonald’s diner while trying to steal her breakfast.