What was the highest temperature ever recorded in Saudi Arabia in 45 years?

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Astronomer Khalid al-Zaaq said the highest temperature recorded in Saudi Arabia within 45 years was 53 degrees Celsius, and it was recorded in Al-Ahsa and Al-Kharj during the summer season, much like the present day.

Zaaq said high temperatures are recorded in these areas because they fall on the Tropic of Cancer where the sun is directly overhead. The Tropic of Cancer passes through Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Oman.

According to Zaaq, information which people circulate about scorching temperatures that are much higher than normal temperatures aim to attract people’s attention and intimidate them.

“Life does not stop when temperatures increase in Saudi Arabia while in some countries, daily life stops when snow falls like what happens yearly in Europe,” he said.

Madinah is where the highest temperatures are felt in Saudi Arabia as there is a difference between the felt temperatures and the temperatures recorded by devices.

“When the recorded temperature is 45 degrees, the feel like temperature is much higher because there is the volcanic Harrat Rahat which preserves temperature and mountains that block wind,” Zaaq explained.

Zaaq also said that the end of last week marked the beginning of the scorching heat of the summer which will only last for 52 days. During this time, temperature increases beyond 50 degrees Celsius in South Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia’s east and center, Libya and Algeria. These are the world’s hottest areas.

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